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meantime adv : during the intervening time; "meanwhile I will not think about the problem"; "meantime he was attentive to his other interests"; "in the meantime the police were notified" [syn: meanwhile, in the meantime]

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  • , /ˈmiːntaɪm/, /"mi:ntaIm/


  1. The time spent waiting for another event; time in between.
    I'll get started tomorrow, but in the meantime let's see if we can get a few more opinions.

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Meantime or mean time may refer to:


  • Greenwich Mean Time, the mean solar time at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich in England: often used to refer to Coordinated Universal Time
  • Local mean time, a form of solar time that corrects the variations of local apparent time
  • Washington mean time, the time at the meridian through the center of the old dome atop the main building at the old US Naval Observatory at Washington, D.C., U.S.A.


Engineering and mechanics

  • Mean time between coincidences, the reciprocal of the average frequency of dangerous coincidences: used in safety engineering
  • Mean time between failure, the "average" time between failures, the reciprocal of the failure rate in the special case when failure rate is constant
  • Mean time between outages, the mean time between equipment failures that result in loss of system continuity or unacceptable degradation
  • Mean time to recovery, the average time that a device will take to recover from a non-terminal failure
  • Mean free time, the average time between collisions between interacting particles


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